Trailer Talk: Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Breakdown / Thoughts

Trailer Talk is where we discuss movie trailers and make snap judgments/ predictions (Many of which turn out to be wrong later)


Has there ever been a more exciting trailer that features nothing but walking? I don’t think so. Game of Thrones released the first teaser for its upcoming season later this year. Let’s break it down.

1. Step By Step

We open with parallel shots of Cersei, Jon Snow and Daenerys walking towards their respective thrones set to the song Sit Down by James.  There really isn’t much here but as the show enters its penultimate season, it is safe to assume only one will stay sitting on top of the iron throne (and it might not even be any of these three).


2. Thrones

I don’t know who the rightful ruler will be but evaluating those thrones. Dany has a considerable edge in comfort and lumbar support. The throne made of swords looks badass but I cannot imagine that is comfortable at all. That being said, I’m not sure Cersei can feel anything this point.

3. Jon Snow Knows Nothing… Especially Basic Instructions

Sit down is repeated numerous times throughout the short teaser. Dany sits, Cersei sits but lo and behold the man who knows nothing fails at following simple instructions and just stares begrudgingly at the arts and crafts stool he calls a throne.

I’m no expert but I assume that following basic instructions is a prerequisite for reigning over seven kingdoms.

4. Who Run The World (Girls)


The world of Westeros is pretty misogynistic as the women are constantly overlooked time and time again but as we near the end, we see two powerful ladies leading the way.

Cersei has wiped out everyone close to her and has established a firm grip over King’s Landing.

Daenerys has managed to gain the loyalty of some of the brightest minds on the show (Tyrion, Varys) and in case you forgot she has dragons…FUCKING DRAGONS

Yeah, Jon Snow is the face of the Night’s Watch / North campaign but everyone knows that Sansa is the one running the show behind the scenes. Jon (bless his heart) still knows nothing.

This isn’t even factoring in Arya who is presumably lurking in the shadows, doing assassin things and changing faces.

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear through the show’s run, the women are the most powerful people in Westeros and that looks to continue in season 7.

Plus, I’m 99% percent sure if you mess up a single hair on Daenerys’ head she will burn you alive so… watch out, boys.

5. The (White) Walking Dead

Not to be forgotten, the teaser closes with a shot of the impending White Walker army who will no doubt add an extra wrinkle in the fight for the iron throne.

Winter is coming. One step at a time. Who makes it out alive? Find out July 16th on HBO.