The Fly (1986) Remake In The Works For Fox

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Falling in line with the recent trend of remakes and reboots, David Cronenberg’s 1986 horror classic is set for the remake treatment. Director J.D Dillard is in talks to write and direct the film coming off his directorial debut Sleight which generated some buzz at Sundance last year.

The Fly (itself a remake of the 1958 Kurt Neumann film) and an adaptation of a George Langelaan short story of the same name tells the tale of a brilliant scientist (played by Jeff Goldblum in the 1986 version) who gradually transforms into a fly-human hybrid after one of his experiments goes wrong. Spawning two sequels met with far less acclaim and fanfare, The Fly has developed into a cult classic referenced across many films and TV shows but is perhaps most notable for the now famous phrase “Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid”.

Like many of these upcoming remakes and reboots, Fox is hoping that a fresh coat of paint will generate the same acclaim and cultural reverence as the Cronenberg version did back in 1986. Regardless of who directs the project, it will be with plenty of pressure as they must meet the expectations of fans of the classic as well as make the material appealing to new audiences, a tough act to say the least but one we will keep our eyes on as the project advances.

What do you think about this remake? Who should direct it if not Dillard? Who should star in the movie? Let us know on social media or leave a comment below!


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