On This Episode Of The Before The Cyborgs Podcast:

Nate goes for four wins in a row as Kevin questions his strategy and a tale of a rather awkward movie-going experience is told

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Movie NameKevin Predicted Score
Kevin Predicted Score
Nate Predicted Score
Nate Predicted Score
Actual Score
Actual Score
Blade Runner 2049848688888983Split 1-1
Happy Death Day405254686871Nate 2-0
The Foreigner486057635978Nate 2-0
The Snowman65698687822Kevin 2-0
Jigsaw376522543194Kevin 2-0
Running ScoreFinal Tie 5-5


Nate and Kevin predict the critic and audience scores from Rotten Tomatoes for 5 upcoming movies

Whoever’s guess comes closest to the actual score  will get one point ( score taken 1 week after release)

in the event that the predicted score is exactly correct, an additional bonus point will be rewarded

At the end of each month, the person with the highest score will win bragging rights and the pleasure of seeing the loser submit to an agreed upon punishment.

Who will emerge triumphantly? who will suffer public humiliation? Tune in and pick a side.

This Month’s Movies

Blade Runner 2049

Happy Death Day

The Foreigner

The Snowman


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