[Trailer] James Franco Goes Full Wiseau In The Trailer For The Disaster Artist

The first full trailer for the upcoming comedy The Disaster Artist has finally been released. Based on the Greg Sistero book of the same name; The Disaster Artist follows the behind the scenes production of the 2003 film The Room. 

Famously regarded as one of the worst movies ever made, The Room has since garnered a cult following with it’s reputation only growing as time has gone on. 

James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau (the star of The Room) and if the trailer is any indication, he completely buys into the role showcasing Wiseau’s distinct drawl and many of his on screen mannerisms. 

Screening for critics at SXSW and more recently at the Toronto Film Festival, early reviews have been glowing as it looks like production house A24 has another hit on their hands following last year’s Best Picture winner Moonlight and the stellar indie hit A Ghost Story earlier this year.

For the rest of us though, The Disaster Artist is set for a December release. 

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Nate Lam
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