2016 Oscars: Winners and Losers

The Oscars have come and gone…here are some of the winners and losers from the big night.

Winner: Leonardo Dicaprio

Need I say more? The man finally won and as one of this generation’s finest actors, I’m happy he got the monkey off his back.

I would argue Leo’s performance in The Revenant is not even among his best work and is rather reminiscent of Pacino finally winning in 1992 for a mediocre performance in “Scent of a Woman” winning for overall legacy rather than quality.

That being said, he did run into good fortune with a very weak field. The old saying holds true: “Sometimes you’re good and sometimes you’re lucky”

Loser: All the other actors still waiting on an Oscar

Almost immediately after Leo won, the internet erupted with praise and congratulations, That’s fine, as I said he ranks right up there with Tom Hanks as the greatest of the last 25 years. What I take issue with is this: many sentiments on the internet go something like this: “Leo Finally Won…After such a long career,  No one deserves it more”

Really? As far as I know Leo isn’t 85, he’s not dying of some incurable disease, had he not won this year he probably would have been back for another shot in the following years to come. There are other actors out there who have been in the industry longer and have not been recognized, the likes of Gary Oldman, Bill Murray, Glenn Close, Harrison Ford come to mind. If we are talking about who deserves it more for their lifetime works it should be these people and probably many more that slip my mind.

*For the record: Sean Penn robbed Bill Murray in 2003 (Mystic River over Lost in Translation?!)

Winner: Ennio Morricone

Speaking of legacy awards, Happy to see Ennio Morricone win his first competitive Oscar. Composing for films like “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, Days of Heaven, The Untouchables etc. the man has been in the industry for 50+ years and its a well deserved win

Loser: Stacey Dash

I still don’t know what was that was.

Winner: Diversity


Chris Rock came out swinging in his monologue and hit some key points regarding diversity in Hollywood particularly the need for increased opportunity in Hollywood for minorities. I won’t go too much further but what we need is not token nominations for minorities but rather more quality roles for minorities that will lead to deserved nominations

Read more on my thoughts on Diversity: here

Loser: Non Black Minorities

While Rock did hit home some good points on diversity, most of these points were centred around African American diversity. Look, I get that Rock is African American and the most prominent minority in America is the African Americans but let’s not forget that diversity encompasses all races including those of asian, middle eastern, hispanic etc. (many of which are even more underrepresented than African Americans in Hollywood (The joke at the asian kids also didn’t help). Go ahead name 3 asian leading stars in Hollywood that haven’t been pigeonholed into a martial arts film…I’ll wait.

Winner: New Blood

Brie Larson and Alicia Vikander won which marks some more young talent being recognized. If you haven’t seen Larson in “Short Term 12” or the ensemble piece “The Spectacular Now” I highly recommend it. For Vikander I recommend seeing Ex Machina where she gave an equally strong (if not stronger) performance ranking as my favourite film of last year.

Loser: Jacob Tremblay

Arguably the best young performance was not recognized however, as Jacob Tremblay (star and heart of “Room”) failed to even garner a nomination. Had he been nominated I would have easily selected him over the field in both supporting and lead but that’s just me. But hey, at least he got to meet Daisy Ridley (not as cool as winning an Oscar but close)

Winner: BB-8

BB-8 blows R2D2 and CP30 out of the water and its not even close anymore. CP30 did find his gold arm again so there’s that

Winner: Louis C.K


Louis presented best documentary short and killed it,

Loser: Sam Smith

Sam Smith should not have won the Oscar, It should’ve went to Lady Gaga. He didn’t help matters when he gave a horrible performance while Gaga went on to stun the crowd (standing ovation and everything) with her performance.

Winner: Tracy Morgan


His bit as the Danish Girl had me laughing the hardest all night. Keep chasing that EGOT Tracy.

Loser: Minons

You thought they finally left but then they come out of nowhere and raid your screen again.

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