Trailer Talk: The Big Sick Starring Kumail Nanjiani

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We here at Before The Cyborgs love romcoms (or more specifically I love rom coms). Yes, I am a male in my mid-20s and yes, the majority of romantic comedies are cheesy affairs that follow the treads the same tried and true cliches time and time again but occasionally you get a movie with a little more substance to go with that cheese platter.

That seems to be the case with The Big Sick – An Amazon Studios production that tells the semi-autobiographical love story of Kumail Nanjiani (who also stars) and his now-wife Emily V. Gordon (played by Zoe Kazan in the film).

Like Me & Earl and the Dying GirlThe Big Sick garnered buzz from critics at studios alike at festivals like Sundance before being picked up by Amazon. Amazon, coming off a couple Oscar wins and couple more nominations with last years’ Manchester By The Sea will look to continue their hot streak with The Big Sick. You may know Kumail Nanjiani from HBO’s Silicon Valley or you may have heard him on his podcasts: The Indoor Kids (with wife Emily V. Gordon) or The X-Files Files. If you do, then the story behind the Big Sick may already be familiar to you. The trailer proceeds as most romcoms, guy meets girl, they fall in love, incidents occur and they break up only to have them get back together. This is pretty boilerplate material especially since we know how the real-life relationship turned out (though I suppose they could alter it as a sort of twist) but what separates the mediocre rom-com from the great romcom is when you create emotional resonance in your viewer.

Based on early buzz this seems to be the case, what we got in the trailer besides a few good one-liners is a quick look at race / cultural differences (that Aziz Ansari’s Master of None tackled expertly) and Ray Romano channeling his dramatic side in a role that seems similar to the one he played in Parenthood. The romantic comedy is a tough genre to execute well, it is so easy to fall into the trappings of a generic mold hence why there are many of them but few are great. Buzz and this first trailer leads me to believe that we may have something more on our hands with the Big Sick. You can catch the Big Sick in theaters in June of this year.

Nate Lam
Nate Lam
Editor-in-chief of Before The Cyborgs. Part-time filmmaker and occasional short story author. One day he hopes to be as cool as Bill Murray.



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