If you have been listening to our podcast you’ll know that Nate and Kevin have been engaging in a little game each month called the Tomatometer Bet. Now we want you to play along to. Predict the Tomatometer better than everyone playing (Nate and Kevin included) and win a prize.


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All you have to do to enter is complete one of the simple tasks above (though we certainly wouldn’t be mad if you did them all).  There can only be one Tomatometer Prediction entry per person but for each task, you complete that will be one more entry for a random giveaway. The rules for the Tomatometer bet is listed below. Good Luck!


Submit your predictions for each movie by completing the form below. Please include your method of entry and your user name used to enter.

Closest prediction / exact prediction = 3 points

If Score is:

Within 5 or less of actual score = 2 points

Within 10 or less = 1 Point

Anything else = 0 points


Contest closes August 31st 2017


September Tomatometer Contest

13 + 10 =

This Month’s Movies:


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Home Again

Battle Of The Sexes


American Made


2 Responses

  1. SilentBob

    You guys suck at this game. Submitted my picks. Excited to win the prize. Here’s my question: What have been your favourite movies / TV / Music from this year?


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