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Batpussy & The Telephone Book (and Spider-Man Leaves MCU) | RMR Podcast

It's episode 69 (nice) of RMR and that means the boys had to watch some extra sexy stuff. Listen as the boys revisit Batpussy, an RMR classic, and review 1971's The Telephone Book.

A Good Day to Die Hard (+ Trailer Roundup) | RMR Podcast

This week the boys have one of their most boring watches yet, A Good Day to Die Hard. Also, they review the latest trailers such as CATS, THE LIGHTHOUSE, and A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Joe Dirt | Crappy Madison

SHEEEEE-OOT! Grab yall's Mountain Dew and Lynyrd Skynyrd tees, 'cause the boys are gonna take y'all through the backwoods to meet our boy, Joe Dirt! AWOOOOOGAH!!!

Videodrome and MCU Phase 4 News | Random Movie Roulette

This week the boys got a Cronenberg classic, Videodrome. This is a personal favorite for Louis but Mike and Jack may not totally agree. Also, Louis and Jack geek out over the Marvel phase 4 slate.