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At Before The Cyborgs, we have a ton on our plates. Our team spends its time organizing content worthy of cinephiles and pop culture enthusiasts from all demographics. It’s a labor of love but we can’t do it alone. Therefore we are looking to add passionate talent to our ranks in hopes of continued growth and development both for our staff and the publication as a whole.

We would like to offer creative people a platform to reach an audience who share the same love of film, television, pop culture and sports. If that sounds like you, fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Why Should You Write For Us?


Reach More People

Writing for Before The Cyborgs will grant you exposure to a growing audience. Your content deserves to be seen and your voice deserves to be heard. Join us to reach new audiences.

No Worries, Just Create

Starting your own blog requires a lot of work in web design, SEO analytics, hosting and promotion. Let us handle all the extra cirrucular stuff so you can focus on creating high quality content


Carefully Crafted Content

Every one of our articles published on the site have undergone extensive work to make it look like a high-grade editorial piece. We work with each of our contributors so that each article matches their vision


Work With Fellow Creators

We love movies, TV, Sports and Pop Culture just as much as you. Join Before The Cyborgs to work with like minded individuals who share the same passions as you!

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